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Cathance Shores

Owners Ann Gies and Bill Gies

Cathance Shores


Cathance Lake is a very special place to us. Our family has enjoyed the Maine woods and Down East environment on Cathance Lake for many years. The Lake has provided us with numerous recreational activities including boating, fishing, watching wildlife, swimming, canoeing and kayaking... and simply relaxing in the splendor of this secluded and natural setting.

We hope that you will agree with us that this is a unique gem and will want to become part of this community as a Lake Cathance property owner.

Throughout Maine, paper companies have traditionally owned large areas of lake shoreline with the sole interest of harvesting wood. Recently, there has been a mass sell-off of paper company-owned timberlands, and the area surrounding Cathance Lake has not been immune to such sales. Bill, as a Director of the Cathance Lake Association, began to explore the consequences of this activity. It became apparent that conservation dollars were being directed towards the large land tracts to the west. It was because of our love of Cathance Lake and our mission to preserve it from the possibility of reckless development that we purchased 1,000 acres on the southern shore with 3.5 miles of shoreline.

We envisioned a balanced plan that would both protect the Lake and provide the opportunity for a few individuals to join the lake community in a unique setting not easily found in shoreline developments. We decided to offer for sale a minimum number of lakeshore lots - sufficient to fund the overall project. These lots would generate much needed tax revenues for the region, jobs for area residents, and monies for the local restaurants and other retail outlets.

An essential component of our plan provides for conservation of over half the shoreline and the majority of forested lands. We have emphasized conservation of shoreline, which abuts the picturesque outlet stream, wetlands inhabited by moose and deer, and marsh areas frequented by waterfowl, as well as interspersing conservation areas around the lots to enhance privacy.

The lakeshore development is bounded by a "no-build" working forest owned and managed by the Cathance Shores developers and forested lands owned and managed by the State of Maine or the Atlantic Salmon Commission. Together, these lands provide a private wilderness backdrop in which to build your special summer or retirement retreat facing towards the beauty and majesty of Lake Cathance.

We are proud of our plan and hope that you will fully explore the opportunities it offers for your recreational and/or retirement dream home. Come see it for yourself! We look forward to meeting you and to escorting you while visiting Cathance Shores.


William J. Gies         Ann Gies